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Belgique:0800-77 899
Pays-Bas:0800-235 3227
Intl:🌍 +31(0)85 400 5588

Collaboration avec Belfabriek

As a telecom provider, you want to offer your customers a wide range of services and products. Constant improvements and additions are therefore a requirement. But what if you don't have the infrastructure to do so?

Thanks to a partnership with Call Factory, you can offer your customers more and more powerful features. Let's look at some concrete examples.

Increase your supply

Thanks to Call Factory you can expand your current offering and with that your market. In case you are a VoIP provider, you can also deliver 0800 and 0900 numbers through collaboration with the Call Factory. We also enable you to offer telephone numbers abroad. Or smart telephony services based on our IVR platform. Functions that an ordinary phone system cannot handle.

You don't have to worry about a thing: except for the one-time tuning of our platforms, you don't have any extra work.

Use our brand new IVR technologies to provide your customers with the best accessibility solutions.

Take advantage of our superior customer service and expand your services to new countries.

This way you can fully concentrate on your core business.

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